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AP&J Recycling Is A Family Owned Business

Plastic Recycling, Product Destruction, Landfill Diversion, Industrial Recycling, Manufacturing Recycling.

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About Us

AP&J Recycling is a family-owned business specializing in processing post-industrial plastics for use as raw plastic in molding or compounding applications. With over 41 years of recycling experience, we are forward-thinking, staying on top the latest technologies and trends in the industry.

Based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of North Texas, we contribute to Industrial Recycling, including HDPE and Polypropylene. Our services encompass Plastic Grinding and Toll Processing. Furthermore, we’re invested in initiatives like Landfill Diversion and Liquid Destruction. We also engage in Manufacturing Recycling, handling Obsolete Materials and Products.

We are dedicated to Plastic Waste Management. Our involvement extends to Product Destruction, PET recycling, and Plastic Shredding. This allows us to contribute to a cleaner environment while addressing the challenges of Excess Plastic and Industrial Waste.

APJ Recycling is committed to building a sustainable future through environmentally-friendly solutions. Our mission revolves around waste reduction, resource efficiency, and providing green alternatives to businesses. Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth, we are at the forefront of Industrial Recycling and actively contribute to Landfill Diversion efforts.

Green Solutions for a Sustainable Future

APJ Recycling is dedicated to creating a sustainable future through environmentally-friendly solutions. Our mission is to reduce waste and promote resource efficiency and providing businesses with green alternatives.

Our Sustainable Solutions for Plastic Waste