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AP&J Recycling is a family owned business

Plastic Recycling, Product Destruction, Landfill Diverge, Roll-Off Hauling, Commercial Recycling.

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About Us

AP&J Recycling is a family owned business specializing in the processing of post-industrial plastics to be used as a raw material in molding or compounding applications!

With over 41 years of combined recycling experience, we are a forward thinking company striving to stay on top of the newest technologies and trends in the business. By implementing a creative approach to customer service, we are open to adding equipment and/or processes to attain the goals of both or suppliers and customers.

AP&J Recycling has a reputation for quality products, processes and relationships. We deal with manufacturers, producers, recyclers and industry businesses to create value for everyone. Although we are a manufacturer of raw material, we are customer service oriented and pride ourselves in creating and maintaining a quality reputation.

Green Solutions for a Sustainable Future

APJ Recycling is dedicated to creating a sustainable future through environmentally-friendly solutions. Our mission is to reduce waste and promote resource efficiency and providing businesses with green alternatives.

Our Sustainable Solutions for Plastic Waste