How Plastic Pollution Affects Climate Change?

Plastic pollution is destroying the environment by emitting harmful gasses into the atmosphere. It’s polluting the oceans and the rivers just as much as it’s destroying the very air we breathe. When plastic is left unattended in the landfills, the decomposition of its components releases the CO2 into the environment which ultimately results in global […]

How Wide-Spec Plastic Leads To Less Circularity And More Waste?

Wide-spec plastic is a type of material that has been used widely in the production of consumer products. It is often chosen for its low manufacturing costs and versatility, however, its use has resulted in severe environmental consequences due to the lack of circularity in its disposal. Here’s an article that we have written in […]

What Are The Easiest Plastic Materials To Recycle?

As the saying goes, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,’ same is the case with plastics. Recycling is an essential step towards sustainability and reducing environmental pollution. Plastic materials are notorious for their non-biodegradable properties, which makes them a significant contributor to landfills and oceanic waste. While some plastics can be recycled with absolute […]

How To Recycle Items Which Aren’t Accepted In Blue Bins?

Recycling is a vital part of sustainable living, but it can be frustrating when we’re not sure what to do with items that aren’t accepted in our blue bins. While many people know the basics of recycling paper, plastic, and metal, other materials like electronics or batteries require special handling. Luckily, there are plenty of […]

How Long Does It Take For Plastic To Break Down?

In recent years, the prevalence of plastic materials has significantly increased in many aspects of everyday life. As such, it is important to understand how long plastic takes to break down and decompose. This article aims to provide an overview of the various factors that influence how quickly plastics break down and explores some potential […]

What Are the Five Major Benefits of Plastic Recycling?

Plastic is among the versatile materials which comes with its own fair share of benefits. Environments which are free of plastics give a cleaner, healthier and efficient lifestyle for people. While many believe that disposing of plastic into the local garbage can or recycling bin will free them from their worries, it is important to […]

Microplastics & BPA – The Threats & Challenges They Pose to Your Good Health

Thousands of civilians are unaware of the global impact which comes from microplastics. Plastic products are ruining lives for many. There are millions of microplastic products which normally end up in the waterways and become part of the ocean destroying the very ecosystem we live in. We often wonder what microplastics are and where we […]

What Are the Challenges of Plastic Recycling & How Should One Overcome Them?

Over the past few years, plastic recycling has become a major cause of pollution. Usually, because of a lack of knowledge, different manufacturing plants combine a good number of different types of plastics which makes the recycling process exceptionally difficult. It’s why we often find plastics being sent to landfills or floating in the oceans. […]

What Would Happen if People Stopped Recycling Plastic?

With the pandemic affecting many lives, most cities and towns stopped accepting recyclables and as a result, recycling programs were suspended for a long period of time. This left many people asking, what would happen if we stopped recycling plastic? The reality is that the effects of not recycling plastic are far-reaching and wide-ranging. For […]

What Are Medical Plastics & How Are Each of Them Recycled?

Over time, the use of plastic has become significantly diverse. Its applications are now found in almost every industrial setup, including the medical world. Today, medical devices have advanced significantly and plastic is normally a by-product and is abundantly found in the vast majority of procedure and surgical equipment. Medical plastics are a form of […]