Landfill Diverge

Do you want to reduce your environmental impact, comply with waste regulations and save money on disposal fees? If so, you should consider our Landfill Diverge service, which is designed to help you divert your waste from landfills and turn it into useful products.
Our Landfill Diverge service is based on the principle of waste hierarchy, which prioritizes waste prevention, reuse, recycling and recovery over landfilling.
We can help you divert various types of waste, such as:
  • Biodegradable waste: We can collect your food waste, garden waste, paper and cardboard and either compost them or convert them into biogas, which can be used for heating, electricity or transport.
  • Plastic waste: We can collect your plastic bottles, containers, bags and films and either recycle them into new plastic products or use them as feedstock for chemical recycling, which can produce fuels, waxes or new plastics.
  • Metal waste: We can collect your metal cans, foil, scrap and wires and either recycle them into new metal products or use them as raw material for metal extraction, which can reduce the need for mining and smelting.
  • Textile waste: We can collect your old clothes, shoes, linens and towels and either resell them or recycle them into new products, such as insulation, carpet padding or wiping rags.
We have the expertise, network and equipment to handle any type of waste stream. We can provide you with bins, bags, containers or trailers to collect your waste. We can also pick up your waste from your location and transport it to our facilities. We can sort, clean, shred, bale or pelletize your waste according to the best end-use markets. We can also provide you with reports on your landfill diversion performance and environmental impact.
By joining our Landfill Diverge service, you can enjoy many benefits, such as:
  • Reducing your greenhouse gas emissions and pollution from landfills
  • Generating revenue from your recyclable or recoverable waste
  • Enhancing your reputation as a green and responsible business
  • Complying with local and federal regulations on waste management
  • Contributing to the conservation of natural resources and the circular economy
Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, a contractor or an OEM, we can help you achieve a more sustainable waste management with our Landfill Diverge service.
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